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Me Say Hello!

Hi! This is my erm.. 4th so called blog I think? Anyways, this livejournal is purely for my hobby of fangirling. All contents does not belong to me and so I will credit them to the people. Yes. It's because I feel it's so awesome I want to share with others. ^^

My OTP are :
MinShik - ZE:A - Min Woo & Hyunshik
JUNDA!!! - KAT-TUN Junno & Ueda ^ ^,
OkaJima! - Hey!Say!JUMP Keito & Yuto ^U^
TaDaiki - Hey! Say! JUMP Takaki & Daiki ^ω^

Im into Yaoi so much recently because of the pairs. Im sorry if you find my livejournal disturbing. ):

This LiveJournal is purely for me to write my JunDa and Hey!Say! JUMP *mainly OkaJima* Fanfic. Befriend me if you want. The more the merrier. ^^

I do banners and poems but posting will be on my blog. Here is basically for Fic. My blog: fifi-fan-world.blogspot.com/
All of my Fics are beta-ed by tingke2104 ♥ Some of fics are even requested by her. I'm not complaining because all of them are awesome! ♥

If you want to request a Fic for me, just drop a comment ^^

Chau#/ Wo Need You campaign

Hi to everyone!

So I manage to actually find the link to the Chau#/ Wo Need You campaign.
I've download OkaJima and Hikaru so here's the link: Mega

Of course there's a catch to this as well. So if you need the pw, you know what to do~ :3
Just a simple polite message won't hurt right? :3

Drabble - Comfort

Title: Comfort
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in the story. However, i own the story. ^^
Word Count: 218
Summary: You are my comfort being just you.

As Daichan snuggled on Yuya's lap resting his head on the latter's chest, everything else around him seems to disappear and the only thing that he cares about is the warmth and security he receives from the other.

As Yuya embraced the small figure in his lap, all his worries were gone. Nothing else matters. All the things that he felt were on shoulders are gone. He nuzzled his nose on the others neck and inhale the scent that he found captivating no matter how many years had passed.

"Thank you," he whispered into his little one's ear.

The latter did not understand why he was thanked for and wanted to ask but was too comfortable in his position he did not wish to move. Instead, he just gave out a small "Hmm?".

"Thank you for being my heaven, my peace and my serenity. You are everything to my world and hope you will always be my everything even in our next life or so," he replied softly still nuzzling his nose on Daiki's neck.

He gave a soft squeeze around Daiki's waist and received a soft squeeze on his arm in return. Both of them cuddled more with each other getting the comfort from the warmth that was provided.

Nothing else matters only you, me and us.

-- おわり--

You may skip this part.

A/N: It's been a while since my last fic post. There too many things happening and I truly feel like I'm at the edge of the cliff most of the time but JUMP had always manage to calm me down. No matter how many times I fall, JUMP seems to be able to there at the right timing with news to cheer me up. It's like they can't hear me.

I may not know until when JUMP will be together. I know everyone will tend to tell me 'once one member gets married it's gonna be over' so let me be selfish and hold onto this little serenity I have from you guys from now. I really wish JUMP will be able to continue even if you're married though.

Anyways, enough with the negative vibes! Happy 7th anniversary and may you guys continue to prosper. Keep on going with what all that you have and never forget that you guys are awesome being yourself. Fans love Hey! Say! JUMP because it's Hey! Say! JUMP not because it's some other groups. We will continue to support you guys no matter what! 頑張って!永遠にてっぺん!今も将来もあなたひとりです。

[Download] Seventeen 2013.01

I know it's old but I don't see anyone posting it anywhere so... I thought maybe I'll share~ ^^
Here's the link~ https://mega.co.nz/#F!SddiSB4T!bnuXz_TJfcgEmjMiL-fMjQ

No password attached but a small thanks if you're taking would be nice~ ^^,
I bought all the four versions of the single and everything is so nice that I just wanted to share.
I was told by my dear 姫様 not be so nice as to give it openly since there might be a chance that people might repost my stuff.
I just wanna share the happiness so just comment which site you want and i'll give you the link to the files.

(This consist all the audios, PV and makings.)
File size: 1.01 GB Format: Videos - MP4; Audio - MP3

File size: 69.1 MB; Audio - MP3
Okay, since she insisted badly just to protect me (I think I trust people too much *shrugs*), here's the catch:
I'll give the key to file just simply,
1. Please don't re-upload, repost or hotlink okay?
2. Please don't cheat by giving your friend the key.
3. Just leave a comment below to let me know you need the key and which site you want.
4. A small thank you do go a long way so it would be nice to see that.

If you need me to upload on in other sites, just tell me alright?

Time Is Precious [one-shot]

Title: Time Is Precious
Pairing: TaDaiki
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in the story. However, i own the story. ^^
Word Count: 1,266
Summary: They known each other long enough. Every single minute and second is precious to them. Maybe it's time for their happily ever after?

TaDaiki finally have a dinner date after all the busy schedule both had.

Takaki had promised to take other out right after he had finished school on Friday and he could even have a sleepover on the weekend. The latter was more than happy at the thought of spending his time with his boyfriend.

When the bell rang, Daiki quickly packed his things and was the first to rushed out of the class. He was grinning widely to himself as he ran his way through the halls. He even ignored the discipline teacher to not run in the hallways.

However, when he neared the gates, the person he expected to be there was not there. He pout and puff his cheeks out of disappointment.

"Maybe he's stuck in the traffic," he thought to himself.

He waited at the gates for the other to come. Minutes passed then minutes turned to hours. All his schoolmates had already gone home and the school gate had already closed. He was at the verge of crying thinking that Takaki had forgotten about him. He took out his phone and was about to call the other when a car stopped in front of him and the person he was waiting for, came out from the car.

Daiki was too happy to see Takaki that he ran and pounced on him.

"You're late Bakaki!" he hide his face in the latter's chest as he cried. "I thought you forgotten about me."

He felt Takaki returned his hug and caress his hair softly. Daiki felt calm and safe being cared like this by Takaki. Takaki lifted Daiki's chin so they could look at each other. His tears were wiped away gently and a small peck was placed on both of his eyes.

"How can I forget about my little penguin? You're all I think about every minute and every second of my life."

Daiki blushed and hide his face on Takaki's chest. "Idiot. Stop being so mushy." He mumbles.

Takaki laughed softly at his little boyfriend's cuteness. He loves pampering the little one and he likes how the other tries to snuggle and hide his face on his chest when his embarrassed or when they're hugging. Takaki love how the little one seem to fit perfectly in his arm.

"Ne, so why were you late?" Daiki snapped Takaki backed to reality.

"About that, I have a surprise for you." Takaki playfully touch his nose.

"What kind of surprise took you so long to reach here!?" Daiki pouted. "This surprise better be a good reason why we're wasting our precious time together."

"You'll have to wait a bit longer to know," Takaki answered.

"Mou~ I don't wanna waste time anymore! Let's just go already!" Daiki tugged on the hem of Takaki's sleeves.

"First, you need to cover your eyes," Takaki took out a black cloth from his pocket and gestured it to Daiki.

Daiki looked at the cloth and back at Takaki. "Fine"

After he had blindfold himself, he felt Takaki grabbed his wrist and soon he was pulled into Takaki's car. The drive wasn't really long but to Daiki it felt like hours.

"Are we there yet?" He whined.

"Almost there~" Takaki laughed softly. "Please be patient alright?"

"Fine" he pouted.

Daiki felt a soft peck on his lips and knew Takaki had kissed him. He blushed and covered his face.

"Stop pouting or I will kiss you again."

"Mou~ it's not fair that I can't see you..."

"You can take it off soon," Takaki said softly. "We're here."

"I can take it off now?" He tilted his head wondering.

He felt something soft on his cheeks and knew it was Takaki's kiss.

"Mou~ yamete yo~" he whined.

"Sorry. I couldn't help myself. You're just too cute" Takaki laughed and ruffled Daiki's hair.

Takaki led Daiki out of the car and after that, it took a few turns and up a lift before they reached to the destination. Daiki heard the jingle of keys and a door opening. He was then pulled in before the door closed behind him.

"Alright. you can take it off now." Takaki whispered in his ears.

When he took off the blindfold off, he realized they were in an apartment but it wasn't Takaki's nor his. He seems to be at the living room. The sofa was filled with soft toys and there was a bouquet of flowers amongst the toys. He noticed a card on the rose and took it.

Dear Daichan,

I have been thinking about this for so long. It has always been my dream but today, I hope my dream can be a reality.


"Eh? Yuya, what do you mean by all of these??" he turned to ask but the latter wasn't there. "Yuya? Where are you?"

"In here!" Takaki shouted.

He took the card and followed where Takaki's voice came from. This time round, he was greeted by Takaki who stood next to a table with all the silverwares set up and dinner for two.

"Yuya, what's all this about?" Daiki was nervous.

"Take a seat, Daichan," Takaki gestured him to the chair.

Daiki slowly made his way and took a sit. He then looked at Takaki nervously waiting for what to come next. Takaki kneeled in front of him and took one of his hand. A soft kissed was placed on his hand and their eyes met.

"Daichan, I know we have been together with each other for so many years. I know we have been through so much together. Although sometimes we are unable to see each other, you have always been in my mind every single second of the day. I have been more busy lately because I was getting ready for all of these and I know how you might not be ready for all of this yet but..." Takaki inhale for a moment. "Arioka Daiki, will be willing to live with me for the rest of your life and forever be by my side?"

Takaki took out a velvet red box out from his pocket and opened to show a ring to Daiki. "Will you marry me?"

Daiki could only blink as he looked at Takaki. There was only silence in the room. Takaki was waiting patiently waiting for Daiki to answer but it seemed Daiki was too shocked at the proposal. Takaki turned and was about to move to put away the ring but he felt a drop of water on his hand that held Daiki's hand.

He quickly turned back to face Daiki and the latter's face was covered with tears. Slowly, he noticed Daiki's lips turned into a smile.

"You're an idiot, you know that? I can never see myself living the rest of life in the same house with an idiot," Daiki took the ring from the box. "But I love this idiot and have always waited for him so of course I'm willing to marry you."

Takaki had no idea that he had been holding his breathe since when but when he felt Daiki wrapped his arm around his neck and placed a short loving kiss on his lips, he felt like he doesn't need air anymore because his life seems complete with Daiki in his embrace wearing the ring that symbolize their forever future.

"Thank you, Daichan. For making my dreams come true." he hugged Daiki after kissing the other's cheek.

"I love you too. Forever and always," Daiki replied softly into his ear. "I'm happy that now we have more time together. This is truly a surprise worth waiting for."
-- おわり--
A/N: This is my first TaDaiki fic. I'm craving for TaDaiki love and well~ the new scans for Myojo are just too awesome I had to~ i'm still working on those chapter fics.


Caught In Love [Drabble]

Author: Me
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: YamaChii
Word count: 664 words
Disclaimer: I do not own anything/anyone other than the story plot. Beta-ed by tingke2104

It was already fifteen minutes past the time we were supposed to meet. You were leaning against the wall waiting for me patiently. I bit my lip, trying to suppress the laugh that comes whenever I see you sigh. You kept changing your pose showing how restless you felt while waiting for me yet I kept on hiding at the corner while taking shots of you secretly.

Thirty minutes past and yet you were still waiting. This time, you moved to the bench instead. I wanted to squeal and rush to you each time you start to change into another cool pose. I still can’t believe you agreed to go out with me.

After an hour past the time, I watched as you took out your phone and soon after, my phone started vibrating. I giggled when I saw your number on the screen. Composing myself, I picked up the phone.

“Oi. Omae… You said to meet an hour ago but you’re not here yet…” I see you pouting. “Are you coming?”

“Ah! Gomen ne Yamada-kun, I’m on my way now,” I suppressed my giggling.

“Okay. I’m already at the bench,” he replied. “See you.”

“Un. See you~” I ended the call, smiling to myself.

I looked through the corner and saw the stern expression on your face. I smiled and decided to just stop and make my way over to you.

As I slowly made my way to you, the wind that blew past swept your bangs over, covering a bit of your eyes. It makes my heart beat even faster with every step closer. You slowly looked up as I went closer, the stern expression was still there when our eyes met.

A small giggle escaped my lips as I looked at you. Slowly, while I head over, slowly but surely, your expression soften and soon, it was replaced with a smile. That smile that never fails to make my heart melt.

“Sorry for making you wait so long Yamada-kun,” I bowed. “I was held up in a traffic jam.”

“It’s alright. You’re here and that’s all that matters,” you smiled.

You stood up and held out your hand. I blushed before shyly taking it. I was stunned when you pulled me closed and wrapped your arms around my shoulder.

“I know you were around the corner, looking at me,” you whispered softly into my ears. "Next time, just call me Ryosuke."

The hot breath against the ears and the feeling of you being close. The blush on my face intensified and my eyes widened. You knew.

“Gomen…” I softly replied.

You gave a soft peck on my cheeks and turned me around to face you. It all happened so fast that I was dizzy for a moment. But you moved closer to my ears again.

“If you like looking at me from afar, we can just find another time to do that,” you smirked. “I’ll wear my best clothes just for you, Yu-ri~”

I was stunned and I felt my legs weaken a little. I held onto your shirt tight. You smiled and held me by the arm to stand properly before holding my hand again.

“Let’s go. We still have a lot to do. This is our first date,” you emphasized on the first.

“Un. Okay,” I replied softly while looking at the pavement.

“Hey,” you held my chin up. “I’m not on the floor. I’m here.”

I covered my mouth with the back of my hand, trying to hide the blush that keeps reappearing.

“Don’t cover it up,” you took away my hand and held it tight. “You look cute.”

I closed my eyes and tried to keep myself alive after all the things you said.

“Come on, we should get going before it gets any later,” you just laughed softly.

“O-okay,” I looked at you shyly this time.

We shared a short moment before walking off.

A/n: This was supposedly a birthday present for my dear Hime so she was the one to actually get it first hand. Took a long time before i finally feel like posting it up. I was bored while writing this story by the way... I have been putting off a lot of fics and seriously... I really have no idea when I'll ever have time to write them again...

ANYWAYS!!! Hope those who read this will feel the FLUFF from it. <3 xD

Waiting For You [Chapter One]

Author: Me
Genre: PG/ Fluff
Pairing: YamaJima (in future YamaChii & ChiiTaro)
Word count: 591 words
Disclaimer: I do not own anything/anyone other than the story plot. Beta-ed by tingke2104
Summary: We promised to be best-friends but I love you too much to regard you as just a friend. My heart breaks as we drift further apart as you fall for another. However, I will wait for you. Till the end, I promise to be there for you when you need me.

Something happened for the first time when I was with you, my heart melted and I found something true. It's you. - Anonymous

I was nervous yet excited. Our first meeting and our first conversation, do you remember them?

Do you still remember what lead to our first meeting?

Do you remember what our first conversation was about?
“Hajimemashite. Nakajima Yuto desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,” he spoke calmly and bowed to his new classmates.

“Hai, Yuto-kun. Kochirakoso,” Senga-sensei replied. “You may take the empty sit beside Yamada-kun. Yamada-kun, raise your hand please.”

Yuto looked at his seatmate and his first thought was, “Ah. Such a pretty face”

Yuto moved down from the platform and walked towards his assigned seat. Although he seemed as though he was composed, he was in fact extremely nervous.

The stares from his classmates did not help in calming his nerves.

As he came closer to his seat, he didn’t expect what was coming next.

The guy just one row before his seat put out his legs and tripped him. Yuto held his bag tight and used it to cushion his fall.

“Takuya-kun! I saw that!” Senga-sensei exclaimed. “Detention for you! You will clean up at the science lab after school.”

“Mou… Why the science lab…” Takuya sighed.

“No complains!” Senga-sensei said sternly.

The rest of the class started to giggle at the incidents and at Takuya mischievous acts while Yuto was still lying on the floor embarrassed.

“Hey, daijoubu ka?” a gentle voice asked from the side.

Yuto looked up from his bag and looked into the face of his seatmate who was squatting in front of him.

The sight of Yamada squatting with a cute smile made his heart do a couple of flips.

He blinked and realize after a moment that he was just staring at Yamada and the rest of the class were staring at them.

“Ah. Daijoubu desu. Daijoubu,” Yuto quickly stood up and dusted his pants. “Arigatou.”

“Welcome to our class. You can just ignore Takuya-kun over there. He’s always up to stupid stuff.”

“Hey! I can hear you!” Takuya glared at Yamada.

“That’s enough from you Takuya-kun.” Senga-sensei said. “Alright. Let’s settle down and start our lesson”

Yuto just smiled feeling the warmness of the class already and the class took their seats as instructed.

“You can share my book with me today,” Yamada put his book in the middle.

“Arigatou, Yamada-kun.” Yuto gratefully thanked Yamada.

“Doitashimashite” Yamada smiled at Yuto. “It’s great to able to sit with someone like you”

“His smile is amazing…” Yuto just dreamily gazed at Yamada.

He blushed and quickly looked at the book after realizing what he was doing. He heard Yamada giggled and that made him blush more.

“Kawaii~” Yamada whispered.

Right that moment, if he could be any more redder, his face would have shown how embarrassed he was.

“Mou~ why is he making feel like this?” Yuto tried to calm down.

Yamada passed a fold up paper to Yuto during the lesson and gestured him to read it. Yuto had never done note passing in class before.

To Yuto,

Hajimemashite. Let’s be friends from now on! You can just call me Yama-chan if you want. If you need anything you can just ask me ne. ^^



Yuto smiled at the letter and looked at Yamada who was already busy writing notes for the rest of the lesson.

“This will be a good year,” Yuto thought as he folded the letter and put into his bag. “I’m sure of it.”


A/N: Yaaaa~~ I'm not back yet. I know~ "It's too short! More update!" hahaha I'm just writing fics whenever I think I feel like it. I have been holding this fic for a long time as THIS fic is considered a big project for myself. Prologue and Chapter 1 is just the parts you can call 'filler'. I'm hoping to write a novel out of this. Not a YamaJima one of course.

I hope whoever reads this fic will enjoy the bits and pieces of my project. Do comment. Thank you. ^^

Insignificant Importance [Sequel]

Title: Insignificant Importance [Sequel]
Pairing: OkaJima, HikaTo
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: This is the sequel of Insignificant Importance for nikasantos :D I do not own anyone in the story. However, i own the story. ^^ (Beta-ed by tingke2104)
Word Count: 1,330
Summary: Can we go back to how we used to be?

It was morning already but the sun had yet to rise. A figure sat upon his bed, a photo frame in his hand, as he looked at the picture enclosed in the handmade frame with decorations of "Bestfriend Forever". He caressed it and slowly, reminisced on the past.

"Ne ne~ One day, when we become old and have kids, I want us to still hang out together and have fun!" the little boy chirped.

"Of course! Who knows? Our kids might become best friends just like us!" the other boy smiled warmly.

"No matter what, we will always be there for each other. Best friends forever," Yuto held out his pinky.

"Uhm. Yakusoku." Keito linked his pinky with the other, sealing their promise.

As the fireworks went off, a promise was made. A promise held close to Yuto's heart till now.

A droplet of tear fell, and his vision blurred.
"What happened to us?" Yuto sniffed. "I miss the times we spent together... I miss you... Keito..."

Just like any other day, Yuto dragged his feet to school and sat silently in his seat. He would glance at his seat once in while and sigh inwardly before turning his gaze back on his book.

It hasn't been the same ever since Yuto's birthday.It had never been the same since he found the truth.

"Keito, do you like Yaotome-san?" Yuto was fumbling with his shoe as he asked that question.

"Eh? Of course I like him. He's a great guy!" Keito replied non-nonchalantly while changing his indoor shoes to his normal shoe.

"I mean do you like him... Love him?" Yuto seemed to whisper the last part.

"Oh... I'm not sure. Maybe if we spend more time together..?" Keito hesitantly answered.

"Sou ka..." Yuto stood up slowly and turned to Keito, he breathed in deeply. "So, you do have feelings for him now?"

"I don't know.." Keito avoided his eyes.

"Hope you'll be happy with him then. If it makes you feel better, I won't spend so much time with you so you guys can be together."

"What are you talking about, Yuto?" Keito frowned.

"Nothing," Yuto replied. "Let's just go home"

The conversation dropped as Yuto quickly walked off and Keito didn't bring it up again as they walked home in silence.

Gradually their friendship faltered. Yuto ended curling up in bed for a week. Never once did their fight turned out as serious as this one. Every night Yuto would cry himself to sleep. The fact that his best friend was with someone else wasn't the reason for the heartbreak. His best friend lying to him and hurting him slowly was part of the reason. The only reason his heart was broken to pieces is because Keito chose to break the friendship they have.

It may be nothing to some but it is priceless to Yuto as it was the only thing precious to him. Even when he doesn't have anyone special in his life, all he need is Keito.

As the bell signaled the end of school, Yuto packed his bag and made his way to the shoe rack. When he was about to leave, a hand held his wrist.

"Stop avoiding me already!" the familiar voice he longed to hear ranged out.

He knew who it was but he refused to look at him.

"Let's stop being like this Yuto..." Keito softly said.

"I'm still me. I'm still here no matter what," Yuto voice cracked.

"Look at me when we're talking then!" frustration strong in his voice.

Tears fell. He didn't want Keito to see him like this but he didn't have a choice when Keito pulled his hand and forcefully turned him around.

"I'm sorry! I just want to be selfish! For once! Just once... I want you to be mine. Only mine. I don't want you to be with anyone! Just me!" Yuto burst out. "You're MY best friend! I love you more than anything or anyone and you're important to me more than anything or anyone..." his voice faltered.

"Yuto..." Keito was shocked.

"Shut up! You don't understand me! I thought you would but you never did! You idiot! I don't care if you're with Yaotome-san! I don't care if you're lying to me!" Yuto pulled his hand from Keito's. "What actually mattered was when you gave up on us! You gave up on our friendship and chose to leave me!"

"Yuto..." Keito tried to reach for Yuto's shoulder.

"Don't touch me! Don't act like you care when you don't! I bet you've forgotten our promise to each other!" Yuto glared.

"No matter what, we will always be there for each other. Best friends forever..." Keito whispered, audible for only them to hear.

Yuto stood there still glaring at Keito. His face was wet with tears and red from anger. His hands clenched trying to suppress the feeling of damaging anything around him.

Keito slowly took one step closer to Yuto, hesitating. When it seemed like Yuto's not moving away, Keito closed the gap between them and enveloped Yuto in a tight embrace. He held him tight, preventing Yuto's refusal.

“Let me go...” Yuto whined.

“No. I’m not going to do that. Never.”

“Why… You left me… You abandoned me… I’m about to get used to things and move on…” Yuto rested his head on Keito’s shoulder. “Why do you have to return and make me feel like this again?”

Keito wrapped his right arm around Yuto tight and caress Yuto’s head with his left. He sighed deeply and rested his chin on Yuto’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I know what I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. There’s nothing between Hikaru and me,” Keito said softly.

“That still doesn’t make a difference on the fact that you left me,” Yuto was still sobbing.

“Sshhh… Don’t cry anymore,” Keito cooed.

“The reason for these tears is you,” Yuto bite Keito’s shoulder.

“Itte! I’m sorry. I know it's my fault,” Keito loosen his hold.

“That’s why I’m here to apologize.”

“I don’t need your apologies!” Yuto pout. Keito smiled looking at Yuto.

He had actually forgotten how cute Yuto looks when he pouts. He doesn’t know when was the last time he saw the latter smile or laugh. Realization hit him then…

“I miss you, Yuto” Keito wiped away the tears from Yuto’s cheeks ever so gently.

Surprised, Yuto turned away, trying to hide his blush. Keito giggled.

“You never change,” Keito eyes soften and he embrace Yuto once again. “I really miss you.”

“Keito…” Yuto was still stunned.

“Can we just go back like how we used to be? Just us. Just you and me.” Keito said softly.

“I've always been here. I've always waited for you to come back,” Yuto replied softly.

“Arigatou, Yuto,” Keito buried his face in Yuto’s neck. “I promise I will never leave you again.”

“I really do love you, Keito..” Yuto whispered.

“I love you too, Yuto.” Keito whispered. “Always.”

“Eh?” Yuto was stunned again.

“Let’s talk about that another time. Let’s just take it slow and let it be like this for now ok?” Keito tightened his hold.

Questions were swarming in Yuto’s mind as he tried to process on how to react but before he could say anything else his body had already reacted.

Yuto wrapped his arm around Keito’s waist and buried his face into Keito’s blazer, inhaling the familiar scent he missed.

“Tadaima,” Keito whispered.

“Okaeri,” Yuto whispered back.

In any kind of relationship, arguments are always essential to building a stronger bond. However, we must know when to give and take. We must learn how to treasure those precious feelings others share with us.

Both of them smiled, knowing that they had returned home to the place where they belonged. A place where only two of them exist. Although it will take time to mend things again, the feelings they have will be stronger than before.

A/N: Well.... Finally after months of not writing... I'M FINALLY WRITING SOMETHING! Still busy but I'm writing this as a dedication to someone, nikasantos Hope this is okay since I did it in a rush. Gomen if it's a fail! >~< I'm still on hiatus more problems occurring at home currently. Have to study and go out to work so I'm pretty much busy with a lot of things. *sigh* Okay... Gotta get ready for work. Bye!

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